It takes a village…



Please allow me to apologize in advance as I know I will forget some of you who deserve significant individual recognition.


I have been quite open about my recognition of the Class of 2020’s broken Senior Year and my desire to find lots of ways to show them the love that they deserve.  The village responded…with vigor.


Thank you:


  • Senior parents for procuring funds and purchasing banners—for each individual senior and a photo backdrop that will serve Seward High graduates for years.  Special thanks to Maya Moriarty and Binget Nilsson for taking leadership roles in that process.
  • John Foutz, Jason Ebberson, and the entire City Electrical Crew for hanging those banners up and down 4th Avenue for a very public celebration of each graduate.
  • John Shank, Sarah Spanos, Sherie Fryxell, and Stephan Nilsson for creating a very classy photo backdrop for our individual family graduation celebrations.  Also to Kameron Kowalski and Katrina Blair for their assist.
  • Christy Jordan, Rebecca Starr, Jennifer Swander, and Lucas Brockman for organizing, communicating, collecting, creating, reviewing-revising-reviewing-revising-reviewing-revising, and publishing a very professional Virtual Awards Ceremony that is worthy of the students it honors, the community who invested in their future, and the staff who celebrated their accomplishments.
  • Sarah Spanos for filming every single individual graduation ceremony and Jim Pfeiffenberger for editing them together so that they have a permanent record of this historical and profound moment in their lives.
  • Al Plan, Christy Jordan, Rebecca Starr, Kameron Kowalski, and Katrina Blair for their assist through each private family graduation celebration.
  • Shelly Walker for creating, reviewing-revising-reviewing-revising-reviewing-revising, and publishing a very professional Virtual Graduation Ceremony.  Special thanks to our Valedictorian and Co-Salutatorians, Priscilla Stoltz for her heartfelt introduction of Mr. Hemstock, of course Mr. Hemstock, Madi Moore and Sophie Dow for their hard work on the Senior Slide Show, and Stephanie “Two-Pi” Cronin for writing the Senior Rap and Jennifer “SwanDog” Swander for editing and publishing it.
  • Dan Nelson, Emergency Operations Manager, for not only allowing me to hack the Emergency Broadcast System, but also for helping me do it.  That was epic!
  • Seward Fire, Bear Creek Fire, Seward Police, and Metco for lending your people and equipment to raise such a cacophony as to make the glaciers around us crumble.
  • Seward Public Radio for broadcasting a special playlist during the parade and beyond.
  • The entire community for coming out and celebrating these kids along the parade route.  Every one of their faces held a smile at a time where they’ve had little to smile about.  That was a direct result of the love they felt from the village that helped raise them.


I could not be more proud of the entire community’s response to my call for love for these kids.


On behalf of Seward High School and the Class of 2020, Thank you…


Best, Trevan Walker


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