Regions Basketball

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Regions Tournament Schedule:


Thursday          Session 1           8:15 AM                 Houston vs. Nikiski Girls

10:00 AM               Redington vs. Kenai Boys


Session 2          12:00 PM              Homer vs. Grace Girls

1:45 PM                Nikiski vs. Grace Boys


Session 3          3:45 PM                  Redington vs. Kenai Girls

5:30 PM                  Homer vs. ACS Boys


Session 4          7:30 PM                  Seward vs. ACS Girls

9:15 PM                  Houston vs. Seward Boys

Friday              Session 5          8:00 AM                 Game #9 (Girls) (Loser of G1 vs Loser of G3)

9:45 AM                 Game #10 (Boys) (Loser of G2 vs Loser of G4)


Session 6          11:45 AM                Game #11 (Girls) (Loser of G5 vs Loser of G7)

1:30 PM                   Game #12 (Boys) (Loser of G6 vs Loser of G8)


Session 7          3:30 PM                  Game #13 (Girls) (Winner G1 vs Winner G3)

5:15 PM                  Game #14 (Boys) (Winner G2 vs Winner G4)


Session 8           7:15 PM                  Game #15 (Girls) (Winner G5 vs Winner G7)

9:00 PM                  Game #16 (Boys) (Winner G6 vs Winner G8)


ALL REGION AWARDS: Immediately following the 9:00 PM game


Saturday          Session 9           8:15 AM                 Game #17 (Girls) (Winner G9 vs Winner G11)

10:00 AM               Game #18 (Boys) (Winner G10 vs Winner G12)


Session 10        12:00 PM                Game #19 (Girls) (Loser G13 vs Loser G15)

1:45 PM                  Game #20 (Boys) (Loser G14 vs Loser G16)


Session 11        3:45 PM                 Game #21 (Girls) (Winner G13 vs Winner G15)

5:30 PM                 Game #22 (Boys) (Winner G14 vs Winner G16)


AWARDS: 1st and 2nd place team trophies immediately following the championship game

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