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March 6, 2019

  • Volunteers are needed for our Regions Basketball Tournament!!/showSignUp/10C0D44A5AE23A31-seward3!/showSignUp/10C0D44A5AE23A31-region

  • As we will have several hundred additional bodies in the school on Thursday, March 7th, Apple Bus is planning to pick up and drop off High School students at Seward Middle.

Also, the gate between our traffic pattern and Sea Lion Avenue will remain open all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Finally, there will be A REALLY lot of guests from out of town who won’t know our traffic pattern.  This means that we will most likely have people driving the wrong way and potentially creating dangerous or frustrating conditions for both drivers and pedestrians on our campus.

Two things:

1)         BE CAREFUL when entering and exiting in your vehicles and/or walking outside.

2)         Be patient and gracious with our guests.

  • Any students who were absent yesterday, may take a make-up Youth Risk Behavior Survey TODAY with Ms. Ecklund.
  • Sources of Strength will meet TODAY at 11:50 a.m.
  • There will be NO SCHOOL for students THIS FRIDAY, March 8th – March 15th for Spring Break. 4th Quarter begins on Monday, March 18th.

Regions Tournament Schedule:

Thursday          Session 1           8:15 AM                 Houston vs. Nikiski Girls

10:00 AM               Redington vs. Kenai Boys


Session 2          12:00 PM              Homer vs. Grace Girls

1:45 PM                Nikiski vs. Grace Boys


Session 3          3:45 PM                  Redington vs. Kenai Girls

5:30 PM                  Homer vs. ACS Boys


Session 4          7:30 PM                  Seward vs. ACS Girls

9:15 PM                  Houston vs. Seward Boys

Friday              Session 5          8:00 AM                 Game #9 (Girls) (Loser of G1 vs Loser of G3)

9:45 AM                 Game #10 (Boys) (Loser of G2 vs Loser of G4)


Session 6          11:45 AM                Game #11 (Girls) (Loser of G5 vs Loser of G7)

1:30 PM                   Game #12 (Boys) (Loser of G6 vs Loser of G8)


Session 7          3:30 PM                  Game #13 (Girls) (Winner G1 vs Winner G3)

5:15 PM                  Game #14 (Boys) (Winner G2 vs Winner G4)


Session 8           7:15 PM                  Game #15 (Girls) (Winner G5 vs Winner G7)

9:00 PM                  Game #16 (Boys) (Winner G6 vs Winner G8)


ALL REGION AWARDS: Immediately following the 9:00 PM game


Saturday          Session 9           8:15 AM                 Game #17 (Girls) (Winner G9 vs Winner G11)

10:00 AM               Game #18 (Boys) (Winner G10 vs Winner G12)


Session 10        12:00 PM                Game #19 (Girls) (Loser G13 vs Loser G15)

1:45 PM                  Game #20 (Boys) (Loser G14 vs Loser G16)


Session 11        3:45 PM                 Game #21 (Girls) (Winner G13 vs Winner G15)

5:30 PM                 Game #22 (Boys) (Winner G14 vs Winner G16)


AWARDS: 1st and 2nd place team trophies immediately following the championship game

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