Seward High School’s Daily Announcements:

  • A quick student council/battle of the books meeting in Mr. Hinders room during lunch today.
  • This is finals week.  The 2nd quarter ends on Thursday, which is an in-service day.  There are no classes Thursday and Friday. Classes will resume on January 9, 2017.
  • Today:

Finals for periods 5-8.  It’s also Ugly Sweater Day.  Dressing up for final presentations is required.  Ugly Sweater Day is not.

  • Tomorrow:

Finals Make-Up for periods 1-8.  Please make appointments with students for make-ups as appropriate if they can’t get it done during their regularly scheduled class time.  We will run our 1-8 Bell schedule.  It is also Green and Gold Day.  There will be an assembly at 9:05.  I expect to be able to do announcements no later than 9:35.  Finally, we will release all students at 2:05 so that they can conduct a mini locker clean-out before catching the bus.

  • Students – look at your second semester schedules on Power School and go to Martha to complete them.
  • Senior pictures for the yearbook are due by TOMORROW.
  • KPC spring semester classes will be cancelled if we do not six students per class by TOMORROW, December 21st. Stop in and See Jackie Marshall today!
  • There will be basketball games vs. Homer on Thursday with games starting at 1pm.  C team boys will play at the Middle School gym, JV girls at the high School.  All other games will be at the High School.

Other Announcements:

  • Yearbooks are still being sold. They are $50, $58 to put your name on it.
  • Check out Seward High School’s online news source at Put on by Ms. Swander’s Journalism class.
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