Seward High, The App…

…as promised at Seward High’s 8/22 Open House. Please follow these instructions to make Seward High’s homepage an application on your smartphone’s homescreen:

For iOS (IPhones):

1. Using Safari, navigate to
2. Press the middle forward button at the bottom
3. Press Add to Home Screen
4. Name it what you want and press Add

For Android operating systems

1. Using your browser, navigate to
2. Press Menu, then Bookmarks, then Add to Bookmarks
3. Name the Bookmark what you want and press OK
4. Exit the browser and return to your home screen
5. To add it to the home screen, long press the screen on which you want to add the bookmark.
6. Press Shortcuts, then Bookmark, and select the bookmark you added in step 3.

This blog is really the most detailed and up-to-date method by which we communicate with Planet Seward. Now all things Seward High can literally be one click away from where ever you can find connectivity.

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