Seward High School’s Daily Announcements:


October 2, 2017

  • Battle of the Books will be meeting tomorrow, not today, in Hinders’ room during lunch.
  • Don’t forget to turn in your Holland America raffle ticket sales Maya Moriarty or Denny Murphy.  Envelopes cannot be dropped off at the school office.  ALL tickets, sold and unsold, should be turned in to your coach by TOMORROW and they should be reconciled.
  • FYI: If you are participating in a sport or any school sponsored activity, you need to be present for EVERY class of the day.  The only exception is for medical appointments.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for a class, it is considered an absence.  Also, if you have more than 5 unexcused tardies per quarter, you will be serving a 30 minute lunch or after school detention.
  • It’s National Custodian Day!  Huge thanks to Mac and Cooper for all of your hard work you do.
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