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Washington State has had a recent outbreak of whooping cough (pertussis).  The Alaska Section of Epidemiology is alerting us of this outbreak so we may prevent this spread to

Alaska.  They recommend that “all Alaskans and their children are up to date with their pertussis vaccination as this is the best way to prevent contracting and spreading this disease”.  Parents/guardians will be getting a letter if their child needs to update their Tdap vaccination.  Students can get the Tdap vaccination at the local Public Health Center, their personal health care provider, and or Safeway. 


It has been a long winter and we have recently been graced by the sun.  I would encourage the students for continued health by drinking water that is at least 50% of your body weight Ie if you weigh 100 lbs means drinking 50 ounces of water every day;  healthy diet, exercise, minimum of 9 hrs. of sleep, wash your hands (proven to be the most effective method of preventing illness), cough/sneeze into your sleeve, and do not share items contaminated with saliva such as eating utensils, straws, cups, bottles, and other beverage containers.


Yolanda Ifflander RN, BSN

School Nurse


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